Friday, March 20, 2015

Becoming a Registered Dietitian: the RD Exam

So, you've completed your undergraduate degree, taken the GRE, applied to a dietetic internship (DI), matched to a DI, and completed your internship. Congratulations! Now you are eligible to take the RD Exam.

Your undergraduate program and internship experiences will help you prepare for the RD (registered dietitian) exam. Shadowing dietitians in the internship will provide you with even more knowledge of the various types of medical nutrition therapy (MNT). Your internship should also include some food service experiences. The RD exam has both clinical and foodservice questions. So, be prepared for both! 

RD Exam Study Tools

There are many study tools for the RD exam. I would encourage you to look through the available options and pick one that fits your learning style. There are books, audio programs, daily questions, and flash cards. Many internships suggest a program. 

My advice is to invest in a study aide, make time to study, and set a date to take the exam fairly soon. This will give you a deadline and encourage you to make time to study. I encourage you to take the exam fairly close to graduate so all the information you absorbed during the DI will be fresh. Good luck!

Life After the RD Exam
Once you've passed the RD exam. You may decide to take one of three paths: finish your Master's degree as a full-time student, pursue a full-time career as a RD, or a mix of both by finishing your Master's degree as a part-time student while working as a RD. We'll talk about searching for a job as a RD and interviewing more in the near future. Stay tuned.

2016 Update: In 2024, students who complete their dietetic internship will now be required to earn their Master's degree before being eligible to sit for the RD exam. So, your path to become a RD looks like undergraduate degree --> dietetic internship --> Master's degree --> RD exam --> be a RD or RDN.

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