Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What Can Dietitians Do: A to Z

30 Job Ideas for RDs from A to Z

Dietitians do a lot! The specific role of a dietitian is tied to what area they practice in. If you want even more information about RDs, check out "where dietitians work" and "what do dietitians do?".

Since I love a list, here are just some of the specialty areas RDs can work in and some of the different places dietitians can work . . . from A to Z!

  • A = Administration, Academia
  • B = Business owner (private practice), Blogger
  • C = Consultation, Corporate Wellness, Clinical RD (aka hospital RD)
  • D = Disease prevention and treatment (think malnutrition, overweight, kidney disease, heart disease)
  • E = Enteral nutrition expert (Example: Tube feedings)
  • F = Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (FAND)
  • G = Geriatrics, General Pediatricians Office
  • H = Health care
  • I  = Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • J = Jails and other institutions
  • K = Kitchen management (or food service)
  • L = Label-reading educator
  • M = Media relations (Example: news, radio, television, magazines)
  • N = Nutrition consultations (Examples: individual counseling, restaurants, etc)
  • O = Outpatient RD, Oncology (cancer) RD
  • P = Pediatrics
  • Q = Quality Assurance (Example: food service, airlines, food manufacturers)
  • R = Recipe development (Example: restaurants, cookbooks)
  • S = Supermarket RD (grocery tours, healthy eating on a budget, etc), Sports nutrition (Examples: college or professional sports teams, Olympic athletes. You can earn your CSSD a specialty degree for Certified Specialists in Sports Dietetics).
  • T = Teacher (Examples: collegiate, masters, doctorate, or preceptor for dietetic interns)
  • U = USDA RD (Examples: agriculture, school breakfast program, school lunch program)
  • V = Vegetarian or vegan counseling (Example: protein complementing, adequate micronutrient intake)
  • W = Weight management counseling, Wellness or health coach
  • X = Examine patient for nutritional issues (ex: tricep skin fold measurements, Subjective Global Assessment, etc.)
  • Y = Your personal nutrition coach (ex: weight management, triathlon training, Olympic training, etc.)
  • Z = Zoology (Examples: veterinary nutrition, develop and analyze pet foods)

These are only some of the examples of where dietitians can work and watch dietitians can do. Do you work as a RD in another area? Please leave additional job opportunity ideas  in the comment section below.

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