Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 Steps to Eating Healthier

Did you know September is Fruit and Vegetables Month! This month, we are focusing on one healthy habit, eating more fruits and vegetables. We will discuss what's in season, what nutrients we get from each of the featured fruits and vegetables, and creative ways to work fruits and vegetables into our diets. We are taking small steps to big results!

Today, we are discussing a healthy habit, which is . . . eating more fruits and veggies! We know that fruits and vegetables are important. I'm sure you've been told to eat more fruits or vegetables in your lifetime. But how do you turn this knowledge into an action. Here are 3 simple steps to make eating fruits and vegetables daily habit.

1) Budget Buys
Everyone has a budget and time constraints. Many of my school students, patients, and their families tell me that eating healthy is expensive. I know that you can eat healthy and stay on a budget.
Make sure you eat in season, when produce is extra tasty, full of nutrients, and low in price. Check out this post that tells you what's in season in Fall.

2) Purchase Produce
You have to have fruits and veggies accessible if you want to eat them. For more on picking great produce, enjoy the A, B, C's of Picking Produce and my Produce Spotlight.

3) Prep Your Produce
As a registered dietitian (RD), I know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Like everyone, I get busy, stressed, and distracted. I want an easy way to grab a healthy snack while I'm on the go. So, I prep my produce on the weekend. I choose a slower weekday to wash fruits (except berries, which need to be washed just before eating) and portion them in zip-top bags. I wash and chop veggies, so they are ready to go for snacks or tossing into meals.

Since it's football season, check out my recipes for Easy Empanadas that pair perfectly with fresh carrots and celery. This chipotle dip will definitely encourage you to eat your veggies!

Check out more from me including 5 Easy Tips to Eat More Fruits & Veggies.

Here's to a great month!
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