Monday, October 26, 2015

Using Technology as a Health Tool: RDtipoftheday's Top 3 Healthy Recipe Websites

We live in a world of apps and smart phones. The Internet is literally at our fingertips. Let’s use these tools to help us make better lifestyle choices and eat healthier.  We use the Internet daily. I am constantly browsing the Internet to find new recipes. Some of my favorites recipe websites include:

    I love searching for recipes, trying new recipes, and tweaking recipes to be healthier. Be a knowledgeable consumer. Not all recipes on Pinterest are healthy; however, many recipes are healthy or can be altered to be a healthier recipe.

My favorite kid-friendly websites include:

  • August 2014 was the first Kids Eat Right Month sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This website has a ton of tools and helpful information on making healthy eating choices for you and your family.

  • This website has a ton of information! It has games, the “plate model” for building healthy plates, information about portion sizes of food, and recipes.

  • This page features recipes made by kids! It is amazing what some peer inspiration can do to help motivate or challenge your kids to try a new recipe. Here's the link for the Healthy Lunchtime ChallengeCookbook 2013.
  • This website features 54 winning recipes from America’s junior chefs. It features a recipe from each US state and territory. It features information about each kid chef and an appetizing picture with each recipe. You can download the PDF for a free cookbook!
  • RDtipoftheday's Family Fun Idea: This recipe book is a great opportunity to teach cultural foods, geography, or expose your family to new flavors. Have a family “dine in night” themed for each state or dish.

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