Friday, October 30, 2015

Healthier Hallowen

Happy Halloween! We all love to celebrate. When we are trying to eat healthier, sometimes celebrations can be challenging. Celebrations usually include rich, heavy foods, decadent sweets, sugary beverages, and an abundance of food. I want you to enjoy your celebrations, so let's set you up for success. Here's to a healthier Halloween!

1) Eat a satisfying meal or snack before trick-or-treating
If you and your children are full from a healthy, well-balanced meal, the treats are less likely to be tempting.

2) Make healthy treats for trick-or-treating.
There are a couple examples from the archives for healthy Halloween themed snacks. You can have healthy, fun treats to give away to trick-or-treaters. You can also save a few healthy snacks for your children after trick-or-treating, so there are healthy options instead of mounds of candy.

3) Set boundaries for treats.
We all need boundaries. So, make sure you set healthy boundaries with candy or treats. Before trick-or-treating, let your child know the amount and times they are able to enjoy the candy. Then, your child knows realistic expectations about the amount of candy they can consume.
You can also give your child a small bag for trick-or-treating. This limits the amount of candy you bring into the home.

4) Give treats away.
Have your child pick out their favorite candy to save. Give them a goal or number of pieces to save. Then, encourage sharing by giving the other candy away. This teaches your child the value of giving. It also limits the temptation to overeat candy since there will be less in the home.

There are several places that offer Halloween Candy Buy Back. Check the website for a location near you. These locations are often dentist's offices who offer to buy candy and prevent cavities at the same time! The candy is then donated to troops overseas. You help your kids moderate their sweets intake and send a gift to service men and women. It's a win-win situation!

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