Monday, November 16, 2015

Easy Entertaining: 8 Simple Sides

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you likely will have parties to attend, meals to prepare, and many guests visiting. It can be easy to get stressed out, but that's not necessary!  In this blog series, easy entertaining, I am sharing some of my tips for easy entertaining and recipes that are quick, easy, and most importantly delicious!  I am taking some of my favorite holiday recipes and giving them a RDtipoftheday healthy tweak. I'm excited to share these recipes and hope that this will help you have a happy and healthier holiday season.

To make entertaining easier, I would encourage you do offer a few different sides that are easy to prepare. That way, you have a variety of food choices, but you did not make complicated dishes. I also like to think about using different cooking methods to make sure you can prepare all the dishes at the same time. So, I like to make something ahead of time (think salad or crudites), something in the oven, and something on the stove top. This helps keep the oven from getting too full or trying to cook to many things on the burners. To help, here are some examples of simple sides made by me, RDtipoftheday.

Simple Sides

Crudites Platter with Hummus

and Steamed Carrots

Green Bean Bundles
using lower fat turkey bacon

Asian Almond Green Beans

Black Pepper and Honey Glazed Carrots
add black pepper for a sweet and spicy treat

Turkey Crudites Platter
with Homemade Hummus

Great for holiday leftovers!

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