Friday, December 16, 2016

Favorite Cooking Classes 2016

I learned to cook from my family, mostly my Mom. I remember baking with grandmother from a young age. I love watching cooking and baking shows and competitions on television. I've also read a few cookbooks for recipe ideas and inspiration. Does anyone else read through a cookbook?

There's something about hands-on, in-person cooking instruction. You get to talk with an expert and get feedback if you're doing something right . . . or wrong. I had a list of foods that I wanted to learn how to make, and I wanted to learn from an expert. So, I took a few cooking classes, and you followed along with me. This year, I learned to make pasta, decorating cakes and cookies, and much more. 

Here are your favorite seven posts I wrote about cooking class. Check them out for cooking tips and recipe ideas. 

I have a running list of things I want to learn to make. What are you hoping to learn to cook or bake in 2017?

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