Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Dinner Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. February is the month of love, and you know I love to celebrate. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to celebrate and spend time with the person you love. But, you don't have to just celebrate today. I have plenty of dinner ideas to celebrate with a meal and spend time together. Here are some recipe menu ideas for you and your loved ones. Pick an entrĂ©e and 1 or 2 sides, and you've made a great menu!

 Homemade Pasta Tips

 Prosciutto and Vegetable Risotto

Lasagna Bake

Salads and Sides:

 Greek Salad

 Caesar Salad

 Southern Italy Salad

Berry and Feta Cheese Salad

Glazed Carrots

Bacon or Turkey Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Roasted Asparagus

Your Valentine's Day doesn't need to be elaborate or complicated to be special. Think about what you and your significant other love, and celebrate together. Maybe even try cooking together. Stayed tuned because I'm sharing dessert ideas later this week.

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