Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Gift Ideas Under Ten Dollars!

It's the holiday season. So, giving is on my mind! We all have friends and family to think of, but our budgets may be different. Today we are starting with gifts under $10. These gifts would make great stocking stuffer, small gifts, or secret Santa ideas. Hope you enjoy!

1) If you thought mason jars couldn't be more useful, check this out! This nifty addition will turn a canning jar into a bento container! At $7.99, it won't break your budget. This is perfect for your friend who loves mason jars (hint, hint). :) It would be great for a snack container; I'm thinking hummus and veggies or peanut butter and fruit! Delicious!
Bento Canning Jar Adaptor

2) This next gift is great for encouraging extra fluids, and it's cute too! It comes in just under today's budget limit at $9.99.
Mason Jar Insulated Mug

3) Coffee beans

4) Tea

5) Mugs! I love these mugs personalized with the recipient's initial. Too cute! Consider gifting this mug with an accompaniment of coffee or tea.

6) Candles

7) Kitchen Timer

8) Water Bottle

9) Herbs and spices
Give some unique herbs and spices to the cook in your life. I got an assorted pack of herbs and spices for my wedding. It was a really good way to stock the pantry (on a newlywed budget) and try new flavors!

10) Making groceries was never more fun than with this beautiful grocery list for only $8 or check list for less than $5! It even has a magnet attached. Perfect for hanging on the fridge!

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