Monday, May 18, 2015

Healthy Vacation: Be Physically Active

Good morning! This is the time of the year where students are taking finals, teachers are grading furiously, seniors are graduating, and many are planning summer vacations. My husband and I  are enjoying a beach vacation. How do you make a vacation fun and healthy? Here are a couple of my tips to a happy, healthy vacation.
  • Be Physically Active
    • Include physically activity into your vacation just like you do in your life.
    • Walk to your destination instead of driving.
    • Rent a bicycle if walking is too strenuous.
    • Swim!
    • Hike a mountain or trail.
    • Play Frisbee on the beach.
Check out this post for more tips for eating healthy on vacation and . . .
  • Packing Healthy Snacks
  • Relaxing
  • Splitting a Meal
  • Packing a Picnic
  • Hydration

I hope these ideas will make it easy for you and your family or friends to have a healthy vacation. What are your ideas for a healthy vacation? Share them with me on Instagram and Twitter. I would love to hear your tips on incorporating physical activity and healthy eating while on vacation.

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