Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vacation Tips ROUNDUP

Eating Healthy While Traveling

It’s that time of year. The end of school is approaching. Some students are graduating and others are finishing up this school year. Some are celebrating the end of the year. Others are focused on new starts in the Fall. Either way, the end of school signifies the beginning of Summer! I always looked forward to Summer vacation with my family.

But, traveling can bring challenges for healthy eating. So, today we will discuss some ways to be healthy when you are traveling.

1) Pack healthy snacks
 It is great to have healthy options accessible. Plan to bring snacks for traveling and while on vacation. Think about healthy, portable snacks like: fruits, vegetables, peanut butter for dipping, low fat popcorn, etc.

2) Cook one meal at “home”
While on vacation, I would encourage you to cook or make one meal per day at your vacation home or hotel. This creates some normalcy to your eating routine and saves money. I usually think about packing or purchasing breakfast items that way your morning is easy and not rushed.
I also think making a picnic is a great vacation lunch idea. You can easily purchase or pack some picnic snacks. Picnics are a great way to enjoy your vacation surroundings. 

Physical activity is a great way to see different cities while traveling. You can walk or bike around most cities hike in parks, swim on the beach.
Being physically active is one component of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity can help offset some of the additional vacation calories that you will incur. So, make it fun! Incorporate some physical activity on your vacation and be active!

4) Enjoy your vacation
 All diets (aka eating patterns) should be flexible. Your diet should be a healthy pattern of eating that allows some flexibility. So, relax and enjoy your vacation!

I hope these ideas will make it easy for you and your family or friends to have a healthy vacation. What are your ideas for a healthy vacation? Share them with me on Instagram and TwitterI would love to hear your tips on incorporating physical activity and healthy eating into your vacation.

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