Tuesday, March 29, 2016

State of My Goals Address: March 2016

As promised, I am sharing updates on my goals and 2016 resolutions in the state of my goals address. You can take a look at my 2016 goals and my thoughts on goals and resolutions. Sharing these goals is a way to keep me accountable and help me to improve, grow, and learn. People who share their goals tend to be more successful. So, I'm sharing the goals here to encourage you and to keep me accountable. You're welcome to comment with your goals and share your progress as well. Feel free to tag your goals with #RDTODgoals or #healthyRD on social media.

2016 Goals
Try 30 new recipes.
In March, I tried a few new recipes including:
  • Lemon loaf (pictured above)
  • Homemade pizza dough
  • Blueberry lemon custard bread
For those keeping track, this makes my new recipe count 11 out of 30.

Build endurance and strength.
I'm still going to my favorite strength-training class. The leader did this crazy squat circuit, and I'm still walking funny 2 days later.

I continue to update my workout playlist to encourage myself to do continue building endurance and enjoying cardio. Adele anyone? Listening to music or watching shows is super helpful motivation to me. Songs and shows help me keep track of time and encourage me to finish strong. I set goals in my head like "Keep sprinting through the end of this song" or "You can keep jogging through this show . . . it's only 5 more minutes; you're strong. You can do this." Do y'all do this self-talk through workouts? Or, is it just me? Please tell me it isn't just me. Hahahaha.

Let me know if you have favorite workout songs. You can leave recommendations in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you listen to and what motivate you.


There was no big travel this month. We did have family and friends visit, which is so fun! We got to show them our city!

Read more.
I've started reading more than watching television. I started and finished Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. It was a book about ministering and the Church. I've heard her speak twice, and her writing style is very much her voice. I really enjoy when someones speaking voice and writing voice are similar.

For those keeping track, this brings my book count to 2 in 2016.

Learn something new.
I learned how to make pizza dough (see goal #1). It's also National Nutrition Month (NNM). I had the opportunity to share healthy recipes and teach children at Seacrest Studios. I always learn something new when I'm in new situations, like being on t.v. or radio. It was a fun experience, and I learned a lot about green screens. Happy NNM!

These are my broad goals for 2016. What goals are you working on in 2016?
Comment below.

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