Monday, June 13, 2016

Healthy RD Challenge 2016

Can you believe it's almost half way through the year? I wanted to check with you to see how you're doing with your goals. 

What goals or resolutions did you set at the beginning of the year? How are you changing? What barriers did you encounter? How did you overcome those barriers?

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), I help people set and achieve goals every day. I find that people who achieve their goals do these things well.

1) Record your goals.
Make S.M.A.R.T. goals. Write them down. Make a list in your phone. Commit to your goals.

2) Find accountability.

Share your goals. Share goals with your RD, family, or friends. If you know you're accountable to these goals, you are more likely to keep the goals.

3) Identify challenges.

Change is difficult. There will be challenges. It's helpful to identify potential challenges before starting goals, and make a plan to overcome these barriers. When you encounter challenges, share those challenges with someone. Brainstorm plans to overcome the challenges. Talk with a professional if you can not overcome barriers.

4) Identify your motivation.

Your motivation is your "why?". Why are you making changes? Think about it. Write down your motivation. It is helpful to refer back to your motivation when you encounter challenges. 

I share my goal updates every month (FebruaryMarchAprilMay). I hope it encourages you. I know it helps me to see my progress through the year. I also use the hostage #HealthyRD, meaning 'healthy road' emphasizing that living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. It's a consistent journey with small choices and healthy steps each day. Use this hashtag to record your healthy journey. I hope it encourages community and encouragement for all of us to make healthy choices.

I'll be sharing more ideas for healthy change on Twitter. For the next 2 weeks, I'm sharing daily #HealthyRD tipsFor more recipes, encouragement, and tips for healthy eating, follow me on PinterestInstagram, and Twitter. 

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