Friday, June 17, 2016

RDtipoftheday Favorites: June Edition

Welcome to RDtipoftheday's favorites June edition. This is my blog series that highlights some of the best things I've been watching, reading, listening to, cooking, and eating. These are a few of my favorite things this month.

Eating & Cooking
Homemade granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit


Have y'all seen the Cookie Monster commercial? I think we can all relate to this because he knows how it feels to wait for cookies to bake.

For a few more giggles, check out Cookie Monster's outtakes.

Also, I love celebrity musical impressions.

I really enjoy watching Food Network Star. I found some videos and articles about previous contestants on Food Network Star. From Season 7, Whitney Chen on Following Your Passion and information about being a contributing editor at Guilt Taste.

Also from Season 7, Mary Beth Albright's article about Food Writer's Take on Gingerbread. Here's an inside the Food Network Star Kitchen; it's a really neat perspective on the set. I love seeing behind the scenes pieces.

Hope writers podcast - I liked this episode about learning from unlikely writing teachers. I find inspiration in many things, but it seems to come in spurts or seasons. So if you need some inspiration for writing, check out this podcast.

I loved Annie F Downs' talk on One Calling, Multiple Expressions. I believe we all have gifts and abilities. How we use our talents may look different in different seasons. Check it out; I found it to be super encouraging.

If you are wanting to use your gifts and talents in a creative way, are you blogging? Writing may not be everyone's creative outlet. But if you're starting a blog, check out these five ways to start and grow a blog.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, recipes, and all of my favorites from this month. Let me know if this is a feature that you would like me to continue by commenting below. And, let me know if you have something you want to be featured. Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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