Monday, April 20, 2015

#HealthyRDChallenge Spring 2015 Roundup

How did you do with the #HealthyRD Challenge? I hope you are did well and are maybe even thinking of continuing the challenge. Simply make at least 1 healthy choice per day. 

What is the Healthy RD Challenge?
This is my challenge for each of us to take one step a day on the road to being healthier . . . the healthy road or #HealthyRD if you will. If you participate in the #HealthyRD challenge, make sure you use the hashtag #HealthyRD. Tag me on Instagram and or tweet me, @RDtipoftheday, for a chance to be featured! I am sharing the five healthy choices I'm making each day this week.  

Here's a reminder of what I did for the Healthy RD Challenge of the last 2 weeks: 

Check out the links to get ideas on living a healthier lifestyle. And for even more recipes, encouragement, and tips for healthy eating, follow me on PinterestInstagram, and Twitter . 

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