Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Healthy RD Challenge: Day 8

How are you doing with the #HealthyRD Challenge? I hope you are doing well! 

What is the Healthy RD Challenge?
This is my challenge for each of us to take one step a day on the road to being healthier . . . the healthy road or #HealthyRD if you will. If you participate in the #HealthyRD challenge, make sure you use the hashtag #HealthyRD and tag or tweet me, @RDtipoftheday, for a chance to be featured! I am sharing the five healthy choices I'm making each day this week.  Here's a reminder of what I did for the Healthy RD Challenge last week: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7. Check out the links to get ideas on living a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy RD Challenge: Day 8
Today, I drank 8 glasses of water, which is my #HealthyRD Day 8 healthy choice. Most people can meet their water requirement with 8 cups of water per day. Each cup is 8 ounces. So, you can drink 8 cups of water per day or 64 ounces. A large percent of our bodies are water. We lose water every day, so it is important to replace that water.

Water has many functions. It helps you regulate your body temperature, cushions your joints, and is a vehicle to help you eliminate waste.

How can I drink more water?
  • Carry a bottle with water with you
    • Keep a bottle of water near you at home, work, school, or when running errands.
  • Order water at restaurants instead of a soda.
    • You will decrease your intake of sugar and calories. And, water is free at most restaurants!
  • Flavor your water.
    • If you do not prefer the taste of water, try flavoring it with fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
How will you choose to be healthy today?

Check with your personal RD or MD before starting a new diet or exercise program to make sure it is healthy, safe, and the right choice for you.

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