Monday, April 6, 2015

HealthyRD Challenge: Day 1

How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions? I hope you are doing well. Don't be discouraged if you've hit some roadblocks on your journey to becoming healthier. Obstacles are a normal part of change. Here's a reminder of my broad New Year's goals.

Gimme Five
Are you trying to be healthier and be more physically active? Being more physically active is something that is being promoted by our First Lady's #GimmeFive campaign.  Will you take the #GimmeFiveChallenge? What are 5 things you can do this week to be healthier and live a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy Road Challenge
I was inspired by the First Lady's challenge and decided to make a challenge of my own. Let's take one step a day on the road to being healthier . . . the healthy road or #HealthyRD if you will. If you participate in the #HealthyRD challenge, make sure you use the hashtag #HealthyRD and tag or tweet me, @RDtipoftheday, for a chance to be featured! I will be sharing the five healthy choices I'm making each day this week. Stay tuned!

Need Some Ideas?
March was National Nutrition Month. Last month we discussed some healthy diet changes to include into our daily lives. To make healthy lifestyle changes, we discussed several ways to be healthy including eating more fruits and vegetables & eating breakfast 7 days per week. A healthy diet is one component of a healthy lifestyle. Another component of a healthy lifestyle is being physically active. Check out these links for more information. 

Healthy RD Challenge: Day 1
Today, I worked out, which is my #HealthyRD Day 1 healthy choice. I did some strength training and cardio. I believe if I am encouraging others to be healthier that I should also work to be a healthier me. Remember, you don't need a gym to be physically active. Take a walk, ride your bike, or garden. Find something you enjoy doing and #movemore.

How will you choose to be healthy today?

Check with your personal RD or MD before starting a new diet or exercise program to make sure it is healthy, safe, and the right choice for you.

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