Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bloom Where You are Planted

Happy Earth Day! Everything seems green, new, and alive in the Spring! I even love the rain . . . it's good for naps (hahaha). And, we all know April showers bring May flowers.

I don't know about y'all, but I go through seasons of change that seem to correlate with the weather. January is a time of reflection and planning for my year. And, Spring always makes me want to clean and have a fresh start. When I think of a fresh start, I think of a blank slate, growth, and new beginnings. 

I love the quote "Grow where you are planted." (I'm not sure who originally said this quote. If you know the author, let me know, and I will credit them). I love this because it is an encouragement to do the best you can with whatever circumstances. If you are in a hard place (think rocky soil), you can still grow . . . think about succulents. They grow without much water and in conditions that most plants can not survive. 

But, my favorite spin on this quote is "Bloom where you are planted" by Mary Englebreit. My mom loves all of the Englebreit, and I grew up in a very positive encouraging environment with these reminders all around me. I can be very competitive, perfectionistic, and type A. These characteristics can provide drive but may not always be the best things to focus on. One of the things I keep in my office is a tin that says "She who laughs lasts" Mary Englebreit. This was always a great reminder to focus on what is important and enjoy life. I think this is a great spin on "she who laughs last" . . . which is more competitive, mean-spirited, and not a great way to live.

I also love this tin because it has a variety of laughs as the border. It reminds me of the song in Mary Poppins "I Love to Laugh." The characters describe many different types of laughs just like the border of this tin! I sometimes snort when I laugh, which is kind of embarrassing. But, I tell people it's a compliment because I tend to snort when I think something is hilarious. There are many things that make you unique. So, accept them as part of who you are and part of what makes you . . .  well . . . you. 

I hope this was encouraging to you on this Wednesday. I know many people (myself included) who are "type A" or "perfectionists." People with those characteristics strive for perfection and may not be happy with progress. I hope you are happy with your progress in whatever area of life you are growing . . . your fitness, food choices, or your faith.

A Note to all Dietetic Interns
As you finish up your internship, I hope you finish strong. Remember, your internship is like a long, marathon job interview. I hope you find your niche in the field of nutrition. And even if your first job isn't your dream job, I hope you work hard, learn a ton, and bloom where you are planted.

Hope you have a great week!

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