Tuesday, November 8, 2016

RDTOD November Favorites

Welcome to RDtipoftheday's favorites November edition. This blog series highlights my favorite recipes and things I'm loving this month! Since it is t-minus 16 days until Thanksgiving, I thought that I would focus on Thanksgiving favorites for planning and preparing the Thanksgiving meal to help make this holiday a little less stressful.

Eating & Cooking
This month I'm thinking about and preparing for Thanksgiving. Here are a few of my favorite things.

Ideas for Thanksgiving Sides and Meals
Stress-free Thanksgiving tips from Ina Garten and Good Housekeeping.

Here are make ahead ideas and Thanksgiving tips

Turkey Talk
The Thanksgiving turkey seems to be the most intimidating and stressful part of Thanksgiving for home cooks. 

Here is a step-by-step slideshow with tips on how to roast your turkey and an infographic on how to roast a turkey

Infographic from HuffingtonPost.com

Here are some Thanksgiving turkey recipes because the turkey is the star of this meal.

After you've roasted your turkey, here's a video about how to carve the turkey and a slide show from Food Network.

Now you know what to do to make a successful turkey, here are some tips on what not to do for Thanksgiving turkeys. Avoid these mistakes, and you'll be golden!

Sides and More 
Now that you've got your turkey taken care of, here are some ideas for sides to complement your main course.

If those weren't enough, here are 223 Thanksgiving recipes.

My current favorite appetizer to prepare is a crudite platter, which is a fancy way of saying a veggie tray. For one of my husband's work parties, I arranged this crudite platter to look like a turkey! It was a huge hit with the adults and kids! 

Thanksgiving and holiday foods tend to be very rich. I like to offer lighter options and always make room for fruits and vegetables. 

I love serving hummus with my vegetable tray, so here are 3 quick and tasty hummus recipes. There's a garlic & red pepper hummus, lemon & artichoke hummus, and a basil pesto hummus. So good! And, they can be made ahead!

Ideas for Thanksgiving Baking
Pie feels so festive and appropriate for the holidays. Here are 8 ideas for finishing the edges of your pie crust.

Lattice pies are impressive. Some people are intimidated to try them, but it's easier than it looks! Here's tips on how to create a lattice pie crust or here's nine pictures to walk you through each step.

Need Thanksgiving dessert ideas? Here are >100 ideas for cakes, cookies and pie - oh my!

If pies or dessert cause you stress, here's a quick and easy dessert recipe for browned butter salted cereal treats. There's no baking required. You simply mix, color, form, and cut. 

These crispy treats are officially nephew-approved! Kids and adults love these rice cereal treats. They are a simple, quick, and tasty dessert that can be made in advance. What's not to love?

Thanksgiving is a time to slow down and give thanks. I don't know how your holidays look, but sometimes my holidays get packed with so many good, fun things that it becomes stressful. The holidays are not a time for stress; they're a time to celebrate.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, recipes, and all of my favorites from this month. I'm planning some more holiday and entertaining posts that I hope you will love, so stay tuned!

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