Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 and Auto Correct Fails

Can you believe that game? What a tight race!!! My condolences to the Seahawk's fans and congratulations to the Patriots and their fans.

My favorite part of the big game is not actually the game. I enjoy the people, commercials, half-time show, and of course the food! We had a yummy game day spread this year. The kitchen was full of goodies to munch on during the game. There were dips: guacamole and queso with brisket (I can't even describe the deliciousness; it was so good.). There were mini entrees: pigs in the blanket and sausage rolls. And, there were plenty of desserts: chocolate covered popcorn, petite fours, and gummy worms!

Football food always has a bend toward rich, yummy treats. As a dietitian, I tried to balance rich foods with something a little lighter. So, I brought a delicious, nutrient-dense dip and veggies for dipping. It's all about balance. So, I brought hummus and sliced veggies and crackers for dipping.

Funny story: my phone auto corrected hummus to gummies. So my message to the group said i was bringing "gummies and veggies for dipping!" No one e-mailed back, but thankfully my husband told me about this auto correct fail. So, I brought hummus, veggies, . . .  and gummy worms! We were hanging out with some new friends, so it was kind of a hilarious mistake and conversation started. It turns out that everyone figured it was something delicious and possibly healthy, since I'm a dietitian. hahaha. I am proud to say that the hummus was gone and so were 90% of the veggies. The gummy worms were also a hit!

So in summary, auto correct fails happen. No one is perfect. Lots of people like vegetables with dip. And vintage candy is always a hit!

Hope you enjoyed the game! If you need a quick appetizer for a game day or any other event, try this hummus and veggie tray. 

  • Pick 3-5 colors of food for the tray. 
    • I choose yellow squash, an English cucumber, an orange bell pepper, a red bell pepper, and baked pretzel crackers. 
  • Wash and slice all your vegetables. 
    • My new mandolin came in handy for this task (thanks Mom!). 
  • Arrange vegetables in large blocks of colors around your dip. 
And you have and easy, tasty appetizer in minutes that just happens to be healthy! Enjoy!

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