Thursday, October 27, 2016

Healthier Halloween Snacks

We love celebrating holidays, but we can’t live on candy alone. Here are some ideas to make your Halloween a little healthier. Consider mixing up your candy bowl this Fall to include some non-food options:
  • Colors
  • Chalk
  • Glow sticks or bracelets
  • Stickers
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Temporary tattoos
These treats are also great options for party favors if you are having a Fall or Halloween party. Your friends who have kids will thank you that you gave them activities (side walk chalk for hop scotch) to burn off some of the energy from the extra treats. 
Speaking of parties, if you throw one, consider some of these fun treats. Here are my ideas for healthier snacks for celebrating Fall and Halloween.

Grape Worm

Thread grapes on a skewer or toothpick and glue edible eyes to make a worm. This a good activity for little cooks. Make sure to warn your family and guests about the toothpicks!

Candy-Corn Cereal Treats

Puddings in Costume
Cut paper to cover the top and circumference of your pudding cup. Use a white piece of paper and marker to create a ghost face. Use an orange paper and black marker to creat a jack-o-lantern. Add a green piece of paper to make the pumpkins stem on top of the pudding. Use colorful, patterned paper and edible eyes to create silly monsters.

Low fat string cheese Ghosts

Use a marker to add a ghost face to string cheese to make a boo-tiful ghost!

Mummy Turkey Dogs

Wrap bread dough or crescent rolls around turkey dogs to make a yummy mummy. Disclaimer my friend, Rachel, made these, but I did snap this picture.

Fruit Pumpkins

Peel cuties or tangerines and place a slice of celery in the middle of the orange. Disclaimer my friend, Rachel, made these, but I did snap this picture.

These are great ideas to add something sweet and something healthy for your Halloween party. They are great snacks to give your kids before Trick-or-treating. If your kids are full from a festive, healthier snack before trick-or-treating, there will be less desire to eat all the candy they are receiving.

As the parent, remember to set guidelines for health. It is a good idea to set boundaries for limiting dessert and candy intake. We want to fuel our kids in a healthy way to support adequate and appropriate growth and development.

If you end up with an abundance of candy, you might consider donating some of your Halloween candy to programs like Halloween Candy buyback program and OperationGratitude. Look for these programs in your area if you are interested in donating some of your Halloween candy.

For more of my tips for healthier Halloween and Fall activities, check out my post with four more practical tips for healthier trick-or-treating.

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